Crumpler 2 Million Dollar Home – Camera Bag Review

September 7, 2011 No Comments by Tom (from TSH)

A review video of Crumpler’s Two (2) Million Dollar Home camera bag. The second smallest of eight in the million dollar range, this crumpler bag is ideal for a 4/3 camera, larger point and shoot (ie Canon G12) or the Fuji X100. Although it could also fit a DSLR, you would have to remove the lens at all times, with only space for a small compact kit lens.

Tops marks goes to build quality and materials used – it’s typical of Crumpler bags. The design is also cutting edge, with something for everyone. There are three colours to chose from, so you will be able to get the look your going for.

The only negative associated with the 2 Million Dollar Home is associated with the shoulder strap. Firstly, we would have loved to have a removable strap which would allow the 2 Million Dollar Home to be used as a protective pouch, rather then a carry case. Alternatively Crumpler could incorporate a sleeve/pocket to store the strap when its not needed. Secondly, and more importantly, we found the strap wanted to continually fall off our shoulder. This was due to a number of factors coming into play, namely: 1) the light weight of the bag, 2) the nylon material of the strap itself provided a lack of ‘grippiness’, and 3) the lack of a shoulder pad with some rubber underlay. We found when road testing the bag that we would be adjusting the strap every 5-10 minutes, which after some time got very irritating. This can be solved by wearing the 2 Million Dollar home across your chest, but for those that prefer to wear it on one side of their body this will continually be an issue.


- Build quality

- Design and colour options

- Limited branding / signage. Nothing that screams “Im a camera bag – STEAL ME!’



- The strap. Constantly sliding off your shoulder.Not removable.

- Price. Although affordable, it is a small bag. Would be good to see Crumpler, being an Australian company, match the price in Australia (rrp A$60) to its US pricing (rrp US$50) given the stronger AUD.



4 Stars. This is a sold bag that will give you great protection and looks good. Crumpler could make it a 5 star bag if it improved the comfort and user experience by eliminating the strap from sliding off your shoulder.


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